Jenny Famewhore

Boston Tea Party, a sequel

Posted in Boston by Jenny Famewhore on November 8, 2009

Last night, a few friends and I decided to cook some simple Japanese cuisine (tempura, udon, spam-musubi, gyouza,) so Tyler drove us down to Super 88, the closest Asian supermarket on Commonwealth Ave near Boston University. Although most of the food at Super 88 is as close to authentic as it gets without being in the middle of a large Asian immigrant community, the prices are not authentic. Without the intense competition that most Chinese supermarkets in Chinatowns nation-wide face ( having 10 supermarkets with the identical products on the same block,) Super 88’s prices closely mirrors those of Shaw’s/Star market. White people market prices.

Looking at the imported items, I cannot help but wonder: Did the economy undergo a 50% inflation overnight? Did our currency experience an apocalyptic depreciation?

Day 1 of the tower of babylon: Beijing 2005

Take for example, Kirin’s “Afternoon Tea” (午後の紅茶). I love milk-tea, and this was one of my staple drinks when I lived in Beijing for a month in 2005. Sarah Famewhore, my roommate then, and I would drink a can every day and stack it against the window of our Beixida hotel into an Egyptian salute. It grew into a tower so monstrous that the underpaid maids maliciously took it down and threw out the evidence of our hard drinking.

The love for Gogo-no-milktea continued in Tokyo, the motherland of Kirin, and, almost impossibly got better when Klaus figured out that spiking it with whiskey (doesn’t matter whether with the beloved Jack or the 500 yen Black Nikko) makes it taste ultra-fragrant (smokey, earthy like cedar,) and, along with the original intentions, packed a nice kick.

Even better, one 1.5 liter bottle of this refreshingly creamy black tea concoction was ¥150 ($1.65.) At Super 88? $5.99!!! This is like the oil situation when we were starting to bully the Middle East. This is like when the Brits had a fun-tax on the Americans and we know what transpired on the harbors of this very city…


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