Jenny Famewhore

The new chicken of the sea

Posted in New York by Jenny Famewhore on August 28, 2009

The heartbreaking pain of leaving the glorious metropolis of Tokyo after 300 days of whirlwind excitement for the humble town of New York City (I jest, I love being caressed in your gritty, yet ample bosom, NY, mi amore) is completely assuaged by the excitement of POSITIVE things that the recession has triggered. Mainly two: the skyrocketing generosity of NY’s temples of haute cuisine, and food sales on gourmet meats such as steak and lobster.

Let me get to the latter first. This is a phenomenon discovered in Queens (Manhattan marketplaces are still in denial), where lobsters are $3.99/lb. There’s a catch, there’s always a catch; but this one is rather inconsequential: the biggest they get are 1.5 lbs. Kind of young, really sweet (They call them “chickens.” I don’t know why). The bigger the lobster, and the meat gets tougher anyway. Nom Nom.

Here’s the cutie I got:

And cooked in a manner far less bourgeoise and in the true spirit of the recession, what I’d like to call the poor man’s Lobster Thermidor: Lobster baked in American Cheese. (not a product endorsement, but I prefer Kraft white singles. More natural looking.)

Don’t recoil in disgust unless you’ve tried it. Fo’ serious.


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  1. The Resident Artist said, on August 28, 2009 at 11:53 PM

    Jenny! It’s Jessica T!

    THAT LOBSTER LOOKS SO GOOD. Actually, all the food photos on here look so awesome…pornography, indeed. Anyway, Loving the blog, and really love your writing!

    Will definitely be linking you onto my blog!

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